Hot Water and Steam Cloud SCADA Temperature Management Control

  • For use in commercial applications
  • Precisely manage a multitude of temperature based processes
  • Works standard with MetroCloud

ThermoTech is a customizable menu-configurable temperature management controller, allowing for hot water and steam cloud SCADA control capability. It is operated through a color touch screen, which enables precise management of a multitude of temperature based processes:

  • Cascade control of multiple hydronic boilers or domestic water heaters
  • Accelerated peak use recovery of stored domestic hot water systems
  • Precise multi-zone management of domestic and hydronic hot water circulation loops
  • Priority based management of primary and secondary thermal loops
  • Management of hybrid systems utilizing multiple heat sources
  • Maximizing efficient use of renewable energy sources, such as solar-thermal and heat-recovery

ThermoTech can be programmed to perform a vast number of functions, enabling optimization of the thermal application or process being managed:

  • Set lead, lag, alternation, and shuffle-cascading of multiple thermal source modules and devices
  • Ability to precisely blend thermal energy from various types of thermal sources
  • Monitor and process inputs from external temperature sensors, flow sensors, and pressure sensors
  • Interface with external M2M communication devices, for real time monitoring and 2-way communications
  • Vary the performance of external equipment such as variable-speed pumps and modulating burners
  • ThermoTech is programmable in both Fahrenheit and Celsius thermal units

The managing of hot water and steam with cloud SCADA control via ThermoTech provides installers and end-users the peace of mind knowing their systems are properly operating and meeting performance requirements.