Are monthly costs and budget restraints inhibiting your ability to upgrade your water and wastewater monitoring capabilities? MetroCloud’s low cost pricing provides an easy means to implement the vast array of advantages that come with Cloud SCADA technology.

  • $0 upfront licensing costs
  • $0 integration costs on standard products
  • $0 annual support costs, never pay for upgrade again
  • Eliminates costly phone lines and problematic radio links
  • Low monthly fees
  • Minimal setup fees for most systems
Pricing Advantages of Cloud SCADA Pump Control Technology


Cloud SCADA technology provides a surplus of features, advantages and benefits to your application’s water and wastewater monitoring.

  • Same functionality of locally hosted SCADA computer
  • Virtual interface (thin client access) allows remote access to application from several personal smart devices (phones, tablets, etc.)
  • Notifications via voice phone calls New Feature for Cloud SCADA Water Monitoring System
    • Additional notification options via SMS/text messaging or email with acknowledgments
  • Built-In AccuWeather provides weather station functionality that gives end-users access to real-time conditions and forecasts New Feature for Cloud SCADA Water Monitoring System
    • Allows for pro-active storm water management of lift stations and retention ponds by reducing water levels ahead of an arriving rainstorm
  • Includes up to 5 users (additional users possible), each with customizable permissions
  • Automatic report generation (customized report generation also available)
  • DNP available (advanced industrial protocol capable of backfilling historical trends between polls and after outages, alarm reporting by exception, and other benefits)
  • Historical trending for up to 3 years
  • Available for industrial and building automation, alarms and monitoring
  • Choice of carrier options New Feature for Cloud SCADA Water Monitoring System
Cloud SCADA Pump Control Functionality
Cloud SCADA Pump Control Security


MetroCloud employs an in-depth defensive approach to keep your data safe and prevent unauthorized access. By applying security solutions at all layers, from the infrastructure to the application, MetroCloud provides the best in class security and encryption to ensure your water and wastewater monitoring systems are kept safe.

  • Verizon private network architecture ensures that all Cellular-to-Cloud communication transverses via a secured private pipeline with zero exposure to the Internet
  • AT&T private network architecture ensures that all Cellular-to-Cloud communication transverses via a military grade IPSEC VPN connection (Virtual Private Networks)
  • SSL VPN connections used for customer remote access from laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.
  • Eliminates physical onsite security concerns, allowing end-users to experience the peace of mind of no longer having to worry about physical security, malware, viruses or any other malicious intent associated with on-site servers
Reliable Cloud SCADA Pump Control Service


Hosted on Amazon Cloud servers with 99.9% up-time. Multiple server configuration separated geographically in fault redundant zones that ensures fast and reliable capabilities.

Intuitive Pump Controls with Cloud SCADA Technology


No computers to maintain, repair, secure or update. Connect with laptops, tablets and smart phones across all major platforms. No IT involvement necessary with most applications.

MetroCloud SCADA Pump Support


Included with MetroCloud service. Our support team consists of in-house programmers with pump backgrounds to help solve issues and ensure your pump system operations stay intact.


Trend data and any tag for up to 3 years with custom report generation and user-based security.

Remote SCADA Pump System Control Features


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Improve your control efficiency, security and reliability for lowered costs. With a variety of control options, the MetroCloud team of field experts, engineers and programmers are here to help integrate Cloud SCADA into your water and wastewater monitoring upgrade.