Gain real-time insights, alerts, and full control capabilities for a fraction of the cost. Experience the most complete and capable cloud SCADA water and wastewater monitoring platform.

Designed and programmed by our water and pumping experts, MetroCloud empowers end users to get the most out of their water movement and management endeavors.

Standard Applications with Ready To Go Integration

Fast & Easy Integration with Existing Equipment or Full System Upgrades.

Additional Application Possibilities

MetroCloud can integrate into virtually any existing PLC-based control system, allowing for the implementation of our Cloud SCADA software into a wide variety of additional applications, including full-scale water and wastewater systems.


Full benefits of SCADA without breaking the budget. Eliminates most startup costs and provides full remote monitoring and control for a low monthly fee.

Ready to Go Integration

Our featured controllers are programmed specifically for their applications. Fast and simple integration for existing equipment or full system upgrades.

Remote Access, Productive Management

Complete monitoring and control functionalities from anywhere via your web-enabled device. Stay empowered over your operations wherever work or life takes you.

Water & Pump System Experts

MetroCloud was specifically built to integrate with a variety of water and wastewater applications. Supported by our team of water and pump system experts.

Experience the Full Benefits of SCADA Water & Wastewater Monitoring

Remote Pump Monitoring from Any Device

Full SCADA water monitoring and control capabilities as traditional SCADA with additional built-in features. Ready to go seamless integration for standard applications.

Complete monitoring and control whether on-site or remote. Location, travel, and time are no longer hurdles when it comes to complete water and wastewater management.

One low monthly cost. No upfront licensing or upgrade fees. Zero integration costs on standard products.

Eliminates concerns over hardware maintenance, software upgrades, and security. Results in additional cost-savings and productivity overtime.

Supports multiple users, each with custom permissions.

Historical trending for up to three years.

Best in class security and encryption keeps data safe and prevents unauthorized access. Multi-factor authentication provides an additional layer of protection to prevent unauthorized access.

Hosted on Amazon and Google, providing redundancy between two cloud providers with 99.9% up-time.

World class support from in-house programmers with pump backgrounds.

60 Plus Years of Water & Pump System Expertise

MetroCloud is a service of Metropolitan Industries and Emmons Metro, two of North America’s premier manufacturing partners of packaged water and pump systems.

Our collective design, engineering, and project management expertise is backed by our extensive repair and field service capabilities. As a single source partner, both Metropolitan Industries and Emmons Metro are equipped to provide the most dynamic water movement and management solutions from all angles.

Water and Pump System Experts

Ready to Raise Your Water Control Capabilities to the Next Level?

Whether you’re upgrading from a traditional SCADA system or looking to add cloud SCADA to an individual pumping system, MetroCloud can be configured for just about any application.

Getting in touch with our pump monitoring and control experts is just a couple of clicks or a phone call away.