Experience a cloud-based SCADA system with a surplus of built-in features that exceeds the functionalities of traditional SCADA while also eliminating its most common drawbacks.

MetroCloud’s complete monitoring and control capabilities, best in-class security, and low pricing provides municipalities with the ultimate win-win scenario!

Reliable Cloud SCADA Pump Control Service


Hosted on Amazon and Google cloud servers with 99.9% up-time. Multiple server configuration separated geographically in fault redundant zones ensure fast and reliable capabilities.

Intuitive Pump Controls with Cloud SCADA Technology


No computers to maintain, repair, secure or update. Connect with laptops, tablets and smart phones across all major platforms. No IT involvement necessary with most applications.

MetroCloud SCADA Pump Support


Included with MetroCloud service. Our support team consists of in-house programmers with pump backgrounds to help solve issues and ensure your pump system operations stay intact.

Lower Your Overall Monitoring Costs

MetroCloud’s low pricing makes upgrading your water and wastewater monitoring more attainable. Lower your monthly costs while implementing the many advantages that come with our cloud SCADA solutions.

  • $0 upfront licensing costs.
  • $0 integration costs on standard products.
  • $0 annual support costs, never pay for upgrade again.
  • Eliminates costly phone lines and problematic radio links.
  • Low monthly fees.
  • Minimal setup fees for most systems.
Pricing Advantages of Cloud SCADA Pump Control Technology

Built-In Functionality to Maximize Control Capabilities

Cloud SCADA Pump Control Functionality

Same reliable functionality of locally hosted SCADA with a surplus of features and benefits to help end users make more informed control and operating decisions.

  • Remote access for multiple users and devices – full monitoring and control capabilities for your team wherever they happen to be.
  • Phone call, text messaging and email notification options.
  • Built-in weather station with real-time conditions and forecasts, allowing for pro-active storm water management.
  • Trend data and any tag for up to three years with custom report generation.
  • DNP available (advanced industrial protocol capable of backfilling historical trends between polls and after outages, alarm reporting by exception, and other benefits).
  • Available for industrial and building automation, alarms and monitoring.

In-Depth Defensive Approach from All Layers

MetroCloud provides the best in class security and encryption, from the infrastructure to the application, ensuring your monitoring systems are always safe.

  • Verizon private network architecture ensures that all Cellular-to-Cloud communication transverses via a secured private pipeline with zero exposure to the Internet.
  • AT&T private network architecture ensures that all Cellular-to-Cloud communication transverses via a military grade IPSEC VPN connection (Virtual Private Networks).
  • SSL VPN connections used for customer remote access from laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.
  • Eliminates onsite security concerns. End users no longer having to worry about physical security, malware, viruses or any other malicious intent associated with on-site servers.
  • Multi-factor authentication ensures remote access is permitted only to authorized personal, even in the event login credentials were to become compromised.
Cloud SCADA Pump Control Security

Standard Applications with Ready To Go Integration

With our custom program capabilities, MetroCloud can be integrated into just about any application, including full scale water and wastewater systems.

Streamlined Cloud SCADA Integration for Your Operations

Explore the full potential of what a cloud SCADA upgrade may mean for your water movement and management capabilities.

Getting in touch with our team of pump system experts is just a couple of clicks or a phone call away.