Additional Applications

Custom Cloud SCADA Development

MetroCloud is capable of a wide range of industrial protocols allowing integration capability with just about all existing PLC based control systems, in addition to commercial and industrial building automation systems. Our in-house team of programmers have a thorough background in various water and pumping systems, meaning they can custom design and develop a cloud SCADA platform to meet the remote monitoring and control needs of just about any application.

MetroCloud is one of the many water movement and management solutions available through Metropolitan Industries and Emmons Metro, two of North America’s premier manufacturing partners of packaged water and pumping systems. Our collective company successes includes unifying our SCADA platform for many cities with aging SCADA systems that have been pieced together across decades between different integrators.

Additional applications that MetroCloud can integrate with include, but are not limited to:

Custom Cloud SCADA Development for Water Treatment

Water Treatment Systems

Custom Cloud SCADA Development for Water Distribution

Water Distribution Systems

Custom Cloud SCADA Development for Wastewater Treatment Systems

Wastewater Treatment Systems

Custom Cloud SCADA Development for Water Use in Commercial Buildings

Commercial Buildings

Custom Cloud SCADA Development for Industrial Facilities

Industrial Facilities

Custom Cloud SCADA Development for Water Use in Convention Centers

Convention Centers

Custom Cloud SCADA Development for Water Use in Stadiums and Ballparks


Custom Cloud SCADA Development for Water Use in Airports and Transportation Hubs


Custom Cloud SCADA Development for Water Use in Fish Hatcheries

Fish Hatcheries

Experience Remote SCADA Without Breaking Your Budget

The Cloud SCADA infrastructure made possible with MetroCloud provides all of the benefits that come with traditional SCADA while eliminating its limitations. No breaking the budget, no compromises!

  • Eliminates licensing fees, integration costs, and support costs. MetroCloud’s seamless integration can be accomplished for a minimal setup fee, followed by a low monthly subscription cost.
  • Build-in functionality provides the same monitoring access from any device, as if you were using a locally hosted SCADA computer. Notifications via phone call, text messaging and email allows for operators to virtually stay plugged in to what’s happening at their application.
  • Eliminates cumbersome maintenance and upgrade headaches. Sustained success using MetroCloud requires zero IT experience.
  • Protected with the best in class security and encryption. Your monitoring systems are always safe and secured.

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