Don’t let budget restraints inhibit your ability to upgrade your lift station monitoring capabilities. MetroCloud’s seamless SCADA integration provides a cost-effective and highly intuitive remote monitoring experience to help operators make more informed lift station control decisions.

MetroCloud is a service of Metropolitan Industries and Emmons Metro, two of North America’s premier manufacturing partners for providing complete turnkey water and wastewater solutions.

Seamless Level Management Integration

Cloud SCADA ready level management system developed specifically for lift stations. Fast and simple integration saves time and lowers costs.

Full SCADA Benefits at Lowered Costs

Brings the full benefits of SCADA without cutting corners. Eliminate the hassles of traditional SCADA that otherwise drive up costs.

For New and Existing Lift Stations

Full integration with new and existing lift station applications, giving municipalities added upgrading flexibility.

Built & Supported by Water Experts

Our team of programmers and engineers are complete water experts, with the sole endeavor to provide solutions that solve the most dynamic water challenges.

MetroCloud Ready Lift Station Controllers

LMS II Cloud SCADA Lift Station Controller for Municipal Wastewater Applications


Add Cloud SCADA to New Municipal Lift Stations

LMS Jr Cloud SCADA Lift Station Controller for Commercial Building Storm and Sewage Applications


Add Cloud SCADA to New Commercial Building Lift Stations

Metro Monitoring Pro Cloud-Based DNP3 Controller for Existing Water-Based System Controls

Metro Monitoring Pro

Add Cloud-Based DNP3 Monitoring to Existing Controls

Maintaining Effective Wastewater and Stormwater Management

Lift stations play a pivotal role towards the maintaining of wastewater and stormwater collection systems. They ensure that wastewater from individual structures and general stormwater are efficiently transported from lower to higher elevations until eventually making their way to a city’s wastewater treatment plant. Maintaining optical lift station performance is necessary to prevent disruptions to the wastewater and stormwater movement process.

Wastewater collection operators and facility crews are reliant on real-time monitoring to detect pump failures, temperature, and excess vibration, in addition to wet well overflows, station tampering, and generator power failure. With such scenarios resulting in complicated ramifications, it is imperative that operators or building crews have the capabilities to react as soon as a potential problem situation occurs.

As a service of Metropolitan Industries and Emmons Metro, MetroCloud’s remote platform is the most complete and capable SCADA software for monitoring lift stations. Through Metropolitan Industries, our experience with SCADA dates back to its inception, resulting in several decades of successful programming, integration and implementation into various water and wastewater applications. The MetroCloud SCADA platform is our continued endeavor of utilizing available technology to further simplify water movement and management for our project partners and end users.

Why Cloud SCADA for Monitoring Lift Stations?

MetroCloud’s lift station monitoring software provides end users with the full benefits of traditional SCADA, in addition to additional features. Furthermore, going all in with our cloud-based software eliminates the drawbacks commonly associated with traditional SCADA, including high licensing and integration fees, hardware maintenance, expensive and time-consuming upgrades and security threats.

Our standard line of lift station controllers are specifically programmed for level management. Our “off the shelf” level management controllers are ready to go, resulting in a fast and simple integration that decreases downtime while also eliminating many upfront costs.

Cost-Effective Pricing

With a one-time minimal setup fee followed by a low monthly subscription cost, end users receive the full benefits of SCADA without any compromises.

  • $0 upfront licensing costs.
  • $0 integration costs.
  • $0 annual support costs.
  • Low monthly cost
  • Minimal setup fee.

Remote Monitoring & Control from Anywhere

MetroCloud’s virtual interface with its built-in functionality provides the same monitoring and control access from any device, as if you were using a locally hosted SCADA computer. It’s never been easier to keep tabs on specific wastewater system operation regardless of where you or your crew happen to be (for up to five users – additional users possible). Allows for decreased on-site visits, especially an added plus while attempting to adhere to current social distancing guidelines.

Three Year Historical Trending

Keep taps with up to three years worth of trending data with MetroCloud’s built-in historian. This data is archived in our secured cloud infrastructure, eliminating worry of potential data loss due to hardware malfunction. Operators can access specific data points without having to export large sums of data into raw databases. MetroCloud’s detailed analysis of past performance and custom report generation makes key information easily accessible to wastewater operators, allowing them to make more informed control decisions.

Enhanced System Security

Protecting your data is of key importance. MetroCloud provides an in-depth defensive approach to all layers of your system’s data, from the infrastructure to the application. MetroCloud’s best in class security and encryption ensure your water systems are kept safe. Your remote setup eliminates the need for any physical onsite security concerns. End users never have to think once about the threats of malware, viruses, or any other on-site server threats.

Reliability & Redundancy

Hosted by Amazon and Google cloud servers with a 99.9% up-time. The added redundancy between both servers offers full-scale protection in case of a single outage.

Multiple Notification Options

Receive notifications via text messaging (SMS), email, or by phone call.

No IT Involvement Necessary

The absence of physical hardware means less maintenance to worry about.

We Are a Full Scale Manufacturer of Custom Engineered Packaged Systems

MetroCloud’s SCADA monitoring and control platform is one of the many water movement and management solutions offered by Metropolitan Industries and Emmons Metro. Our portfolio of completed projects involves various wastewater collection and treatment, including the manufacturing of complete lift stations.

Our custom engineered packaged systems are relied upon by many industries to solve water related challenges involving flow distribution, pressure control, treatment, collection, temperature control, hydronics and reuse. With our vast experiences, we can virtually provide solutions to just about any water or wastewater related challenge for public works and privately owned structures.

As a single source partner, we are there every step of the way. From conceptualization to installation, we simplify the water processing upgrade experience for our project partners and end users.

Ready to Raise Your Lift Station Monitoring to the Next Level?

Whether upgrading your existing lift station from traditional SCADA or looking for a full scale system upgrade, MetroCloud has the flexibility to seamlessly integrate with either scenario.

Getting in touch with our pump and control experts is just a couple of clicks or a phone call away.