Case Studies

Top of The Line Controls for Today’s Lift Stations

Screens for easy set-up and set point changes. The LMS II (Level Management System) is a completely menu-configurable lift station controller capable of constant or variable speed motor control for simplex, duplex, triplex, or custom pump down applications. The LMS II is more than just a controller and touch screen, rather a complete control system [...]

A Mobile Solution for Modular Home Communities

Modular, or mobile home communities are in nearly every state in the U.S., and these homes continue to represent an accessible housing option for millions of American families. As with all residential communities, from bustling cities to sprawling subdivisions filled with single family homes, developers must plan for water movement and management solutions for every [...]

How MetroCloud Addresses Security with Remote Access SCADA

The Oldsmar Florida water treatment plant attack recently made national news when it disclosed that an attacker had attempted to taint the city water supply. While not all details have been made public, early indications suggest that a remote access application allowed the attacker to control the treatment plant’s SCADA computer. Though these types of [...]

City of Sycamore Integrates Cloud SCADA into Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

The Hurdles of Wastewater Monitoring When Using an Old SCADA System Before the integration to the MetroCloud platform began, the City of Sycamore’s 4.9 MGD Wastewater Treatment Plant SCADA system was operating on (2) Dell servers using Windows Server 2003 that were originally installed in 2005.  The servers were very large, noisy, outdated, and unreliable [...]

Cloud SCADA 101 for Pump System Monitoring and Management

How nice would it be if you could look at your SCADA screen whether you’re on-site or not? With cloud-based SCADA systems, you can. Maybe you’ve heard of cloud SCADA, or “the cloud” in general and you have your suspicions. We’re here to put those reservations to rest and let you know how a cloud-based [...]

Illinois City Upgrades City Pump Monitoring to Remotely Hosted Cloud SCADA System

As one of the most common industrial control systems, a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system is of critical importance to municipalities. By allowing for the centralized monitoring of the larger water system — wastewater treatment, storm water, water treatment, lift stations, etc. — SCADA systems streamline access and help ensure that everything is [...]

Upgrading Municipal Pump Control Communication with Cloud SCADA Technology

By updating existing infrastructure, water and wastewater facilities’ have the ability to collect and process significant information via Metropolitan’s cloud-based Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) allowing management and operations personnel to make better, informed decisions, while maintaining up-front costs. As the water and wastewater industry looks ahead to the future in communications methods, municipalities [...]