Metro Monitoring Pro

DNP3-Based Cloud SCADA Integration with Existing Pump Control Equipment

Metro Monitoring Pro offers a cost-conscious and practical option to add the MetroCloud platform to existing applications in need of remote monitoring and control functionality. From elevated tanks, PRVs, and flowmeter sites to applications with existing controls in place, Metro Monitoring Pro is an ideal option for municipalities or organizations looking to upgrade their control capabilities without the rigors of adding new equipment or a full-blown upgrade.

Featuring 8 analog inputs and 20 digital inputs, there are no shortage of sensors the Metro Monitoring Pro supports. Onboard totalization allows the Metro Monitoring Pro to track runs, starts, and flow totals on every input, depending on the type of sensor connected. Separate alarm signals per input also guarantees you’ll get every alarm you need, while doing away with alarms you don’t want. Using the simple touchscreen interface from the MetroCloud application, every setting is adjustable allowing the Metro Monitoring Pro to serve whatever role you need it to.

By simply wiring analog and digital signals into the Metro Monitoring Pro, integration is nearly effortless, bringing remote SCADA to a water or wastewater system within minutes. Featuring input passthrough, the Metro Monitoring Pro ensures that you’ll gain all the benefits MetroCloud and DNP3 have to offer while keeping existing equipment working flawlessly.

Cloud SCADA Integration with Existing Pump Control Equipment
  • Can be used for large residential, commercial, or municipal SCADA applications
  • MetroCloud SCADA RTU includes:
    • 24x20x8″ NEMA 4 enclosure
    • 24V DC Input Power 7” TFT color touch screen operator interface (with Ethernet)
    • Control panel testing
    • UL listed controls
  • Used to monitor existing and/or non-PLC based controls
  • Up to 8 analog inputs
  • Up to 20 digital inputs
  • Input passthrough – analog and digital
  • Color selection
  • Input naming
  • Outputs for audible alarms, common alarm, modem reboot, and communication loss available
  • Totalization – analog or digital
    • Runtime and starts or flow

Are Your Existing Pump Controls Ready for Game Changing Enhancing?

DNP3-based remote monitoring and control with your existing equipment is within reach! We’d love to discuss your application and explore the possibilities of integrating MetroCloud SCADA with your water or wastewater monitoring.

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