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Meet Tyler Miller, MetroCloud Business Director

Tyler leads in the day-to-day operations and business development initiatives at MetroCloud. As a software engineer, Tyler played a pivotal role in the design and programming of the MetroCloud platform, leading to its successful launch in 2016.

While serving as lead programmer, Tyler has been personally involved in the development and integration efforts of MetroCloud’s most prominent installations. Today as MetroCloud business director, Tyler utilizes his software operation prowess combined with his real-world application knowledge to assist prospective clients in gaining a thorough understanding of MetroCloud utilizes cloud-based SCADA to improve water application management and productivity while also lowering costs.

Tyler would love to assist your municipality or business as it explores potential water and wastewater control upgrade possibilities. To schedule your personal phone or video conference call with Tyler, select from any opening from the MetroCloud Discovery calendar.

Tyler Miller, MetroCloud Business Director

Tyler Miller, MetroCloud Business Director

MetroCloud SCADA Software & System Integration

Since 2016, MetroCloud has been instrumental in helping the water and wastewater industry pivot from traditional SCADA to cloud-based SCADA. With its selection of cloud-ready controllers and custom control development capabilities, MetroCloud has helped municipalities of all sizes upgrade its water and wastewater monitoring, leading to improved control productivity and lowered costs.

As a division of Metropolitan Industries, MetroCloud was developed by water and wastewater application experts. Utilizing the collective engineering, programming, and control manufacturing experience of Metropolitan Industries, MetroCloud is the most complete, capable, and intuitive cloud-based remote monitoring software truly developed for water and wastewater professionals.

Metropolitan has been involved with SCADA since its inception, playing a necessary function in establishing communication between critical pump equipment. As SCADA technology gradually improved over the years, Metropolitan increased its emphasis on pump system design and assembly.

Today with the full functionality of MetroCloud SCADA, Metropolitan’s custom-engineered complete system packages are remotely accessible, allowing water and wastewater operators to manage operations from anyplace and at anytime, without compromise. Whether working through our main headquarters in Chicago or our satellite office in Albany, NY via Emmons Metro, we can help facilitate a cloud-SCADA engineered packaged system for your water or wastewater application.

Metropolitan Industries Building in Romeoville, IL

Metropolitan Industries

Main Headquarters, Romeoville, Ill.

Emmons Metro Building in Albany, NY

Emmons Metro

Satellite Branch, Albany, N.Y.

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