MetroCloud Update Notes

As part of our recent update, we were able to roll out the following features. As always, all updates are provided at no cost as a thank you for your continued support!

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) – Optional MFA capability added to increase security to your application. If interested in utilizing this feature, contact your Metropolitan Representative or contact us on the MetroCloud support line.

TRIP ALARMS – Certain alarms can be configured keep sending notifications even if alarm condition clears.  Notifications will be sent until user acknowledges alarms.

NEW MAPS – On applications with Maps, users can now change the type of map, as well as center back to current location using new tools located in top right corner.

MetroCloud SCADA Update Includes New Maps View

SHELVE ALL – New feature allows users to shelve all alarms currently shown on screen. Use filters to shelve specific groups.

Shelve all Selected Alarms in Cloud SCADA Platform

With security always at the forefront of what we do, multiple security and performance improvements were also added.

For any questions, please contact our support line at (877) 896-8256.