August 16, 2022

Metro Monitoring Pro Provides Affordable & Practical DNP3-Based Cloud SCADA Monitoring to Existing Pump Controls

Metro Monitoring Pro Product Launch

Metropolitan Industries announces the release of the Metro Monitoring Pro, a highly configurable controller providing the full experience of MetroCloud SCADA to water and wastewater applications. Perfect for scenarios such as PRVs, elevated tanks, and flowmeters, the Metro Monitoring Pro can log changes to data with precision accuracy thanks to its powerful DNP3 feature.  Not just for new installations, the Metro Monitoring Pro is able to be easily integrated into existing controls and make them MetroCloud Ready.

Equipped with 20 digital and 8 analog inputs, the Metro Monitoring Pro offers unlimited configuration options making it one of the most sensor accommodating controllers on the market. Each input has field adjustable scaling and alarm setpoints, allowing you to get more information from your system than ever before.

The Metro Monitoring Pro’s user-friendly touch screen allows operators to view their system status when local to the panel while having full control capabilities to ensure operations stay intact. With the added options of custom input naming and the color selection of digital inputs, operators can customize their displays to work best for them.

Thanks to the Metro Monitoring Pro’s affordable cost and ease-of-integration, a lack of resources no longer needs to prevent a municipality from adding full remote SCADA capabilities into their existing water and wastewater controls.

World Class Remote SCADA Integration Is Easier Than You Think

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