September 13, 2021

Top of The Line Controls for Today’s Lift Stations

Cloud SCADA Lift Station Controller

Screens for easy set-up and set point changes.

The LMS II (Level Management System) is a completely menu-configurable lift station controller capable of constant or variable speed motor control for simplex, duplex, triplex, or custom pump down applications.

The LMS II is more than just a controller and touch screen, rather a complete control system designed around providing redundancy, reliability, an industry-leading feature set, and an out-of-the-box MetroCloud SCADA option– all while maintaining a focus on operator and ease of use.

The system allows for single transducer or optional second transducer, as well as an optional 100% redundant float
backup system, and it is configurable for either single or dual wet-well operation.

Features include adjustable set point control, level & flow monitoring/trending, flow estimation, totalizers for pump hours and starts including 5-day history & alarm history, integrated help menu, and much, much more.

The LMS II was not just designed for the control on the ground. Every LMS II comes MetroCloud ready! Bringing end users world-class SCADA functionality, secure remote access, and alarm notification via SMS, voice, and email for as low as $35/month. Integration with existing SCADA or BACNet systems is also a breeze with a bevy of protocol communication options and standardized tag lists.

Newly released Version 5 adds more features and flexibility to the product than ever before. Upgraded graphics provide end-users with a sleek, intuitive interface.

Lift Station Controller Retrofit

Main LMS II screen showing triplex LS.